Summer long Thermal courses in Ultra reliable Bassano del Grappa
See both XC & Thermal Courses in Bassano del Grappa, mix of mountains and flatland flying
XC Courses in the foothills of the Dolomites
XC Courses and Tours in Greifenburg, Drautal

when, where and what to expect...

when to visit & what to expect...

When deciding the best time to visit please take into account your ambition and experience.

Lower airtime/novice and even advanced pilots wanting to improve their thermalling technique or simply wanting a relaxed flying holiday can join us during the Summer months.

We are running Bassano Thermal training & "XC lite" weeks throughout the season. These weeks are designed to build confidence while tweaking techniques that would otherwise take 100's of hours of "trial and error" to achieve. All without gaining bad habits.

Intermediate - Advanced pilots who are more XC orientated (with around 50hrs+) should join us on a 'Pure XC' Course in either Bassano, Feltre or Greifenburg during Spring & Summer months. This will ensure that you are with like-minded pilots.

The best idea when wanting to complete a simple 60km XC route or even push for that elusive 100km in and around Greifenburg or Feltre. Bassano is a great place to hone your flat-land skills too. The last years there have seen some great distances flown, 50-100+km, in both mountains and the flats.

Our 'Pure XC' courses will help pilots identify where time needs to be invested along the route, the cruxes, and the places it's possible to push on. Learn how to 'change gears' whilst unlocking the real potential from your wing, whatever level. Let us show you also how to get the most out of your instrument, so that it can truly help you be as efficient as possible. All this and more is explained on our XC weeks.

Bassano is an excellent option for a relaxing XC holiday all season long, with some of the best conditions being available in late August - September. Flat lands are working and the ridge is comfortable, expect 50-90+km routes at this time. May, June and July offer amazing XC possibilities for pilots of all levels. Long days, Long flights. Not to mention the classic restitution flights at the end of the day offer the best soft skills training. Period.

Experienced XC Pilots should even think about joining us in any of our areas for a challenging and rewarding flying experience. From fun and accessible XC in Bassano to stepping up in technicality in Feltre to finally cracking some true Alpine adventures in Greifenburg. We offer something for pilots of all levels.

Greifenburg XC courses are great for the more adventurous pilot who wants to crack on and smash their Alpine personal bests, while really getting to grips with what is happening out here in the Alps. We are expecting more & more from this special place.

Same can be said for our most recent offering of Feltre XC, this area is the one we are most excited about due to it's massive XC potential while still retaining it's pilot friendliness. Though Bassano has my all time favorite place to fly, the more we fly there the more the area opens up.

Whatever course or tour you choose you can be sure that the conditions are most suitable to achieve the course objectives.


Massive potential for long XC flights in Bassano, Feltre & Greifenburg.
Both May & June are great XC months.

Long XC flights are also possible in Bassano del Grappa & nearby Feltre. An incredibly reliable and protected micro-climate allows fast progress with technical yet achievable routes in both mountains and flat-lands.

Long and challenging flights, 100km+, are a real possibility in Greifenburg on the South-Side of the Alps. Known as the 'Southern Alps Highway.'


Some of this month will be spent coaching novice and intermediate pilots in Bassano for our Thermal & XC 'lite' weeks.

Perfect for everything really from thermal training & long XC flights around Bassano using both the ridge and the surrounding flats.

In the evening the classic Bassano restitution, great to train the finer points of the theory whilst relaxing in large smooth thermals.

It doesn't get much better in the Summer months than these courses for both skill enhancement & distance flying.

Greifenburg, Feltre and Bassano are all available this month, tailor your needs to you expereience.


Excellent conditions in Bassano del Grappa again, fun & relaxed XC flying.
Our thermal training weeks will focus on shorter achievable XC flights designed to build confidence and a lot of one-on-one radio time whilst thermal training in the late afternoon sessions.

A must for novices trying to understand the subtleties of thermic flight.
Mainly about efficient turning and fluid mapping of climbs plus understanding the aerology in which we fly.

Also some big potential for XC in the magical areas around the foothils of the Feltre & Bassano del Grappa.

Greifenburg is also a great option for the XC hungry pilot.


Some long & challenging XC flights in Bassano again with softer climbs on both the ridge & in the flats.

September is one of the BEST times to visit the Alps, the strong summer thermic activity is giving way to easy to manage, relaxing climbs and reliable XC potential.

Long XC flights in Greifenburg & Feltre are definitely on the cards, softer thermals with lighter valley winds. Perfect.

To find out which course might suit you and your experience please see the 'system' page on this site.

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Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Thermal & XC lite £425
Bassano XC £425

Feltre, Val Belluno, Italy

Feltre XC £475

Drautal Courses, S. Austria

Greifenburg XC £499

All Prices above are excluding Accommodation.
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