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Route Planning
To the right you'll find a few examples of routes that we'll be attempting during a pilot's stay with us.

Over the many years of flying in the Main Alps I discovered the do's and don'ts of successful route planning along with execution in and around the Zillertal Valley.

Later, I used these same theories to safely navigate the Dolomites, Greifenburg, Feltre and Bassano del Grappa areas.

Routes are chosen for their ability to be safely completed, following the flow of the day etc, it's never guess work when guiding pilots around our areas.

You can be sure that you are flying the right site for the given conditions along a route that, although challenging in places, will be as safe as possible. It's rarely a case of getting high and seeing what happens next which is a sure-fire way to land frustrated after a few thermals because of some small error or worse landing shaken due to flying in an unexpected area of rotor.

In my humble opinion route planning is well over half the battle when choosing lines to take through the Alps. Respecting the Valley flows & following the lines-of-least-resitance will enable pilots to enjoy safe yet fast lines home after a big day out.

Enjoy learning the theory with us as our XC courses aren't just follow the leader tours. What you take with you will serve you throughout your entire flying career. It will also enable you to join our more advanced 'XC Tours' in the future, perhaps even in the Dolomites or Main Ridge Tours.

There are no short cuts to expertise but we can help you understand what you need to know to fly safely & confidently around the playground we call the Alps. However it's not all theory and studying, we know you are here to relax too, so the main impetus is on FUN flying.

NB: Please note that the routes depicted are just representative of the routes we'll attempt, they are not necessarily the lines to take.

AYVRI routes

Routes aroumd our areas depicted in Doarama

Watch some routes shown in AYVRI here

route examples

Turn point maps

Turnpoint maps and routes around our different areas