greifenburg xc courses - intermediate +++

Greifenburg xc courses - in brief

Right Place, Right Time - Greifenburg XC Courses again are held at the most reliable period for long-haul XC flights in the Alps, May, June & the more mellow September.

Long Unbroken South Facing Ridge - It doesn't get any better than this. Even on average days 50km+ out and returns are possible. On good days expect tasks to be closer to 100km Out & Returns.

Smash Personal Bests - Fly long XC flights around the Drautal & surrounding valleys. Routes of 50 - 100km plus are easily possible. The right-hand column there are some of my favorite routes.

Task Orientated Routes - Straight-forward briefings. Then as a group we'll fly around our pre-chosen Turn Points. Huge learning experience.

Way Less Stress - Large flat grassy landing fields along routes. Landing out is never a worry.

Southern Alps Reliability - Wind-Protected and interesting routes possible even with less than perfect conditions. Light valley winds and text-book, reliable thermals.

Find out for yourself why the Austrian League compete here more than any other area

Greifenburg xc - all details

Embergeralm, above the sleepy village of Greifenburg, is THE place in both the Austrian & Italian Alps to fly long-haul cross-country flights; 200km is often done there throughout the season.

Known as the Southern Alps Highway, the area is famous for its huge out & return or triangle potential. The flying here is mainly closed-circuit XC flights.

The main South facing ridge stretches 50km to the east with only one crossing. Valley winds here are light making the flying both fast and fun.

The Austrian League hold more competitions in this valley than anywhere else in Austria. Mainly due to its reliability (protected micro-climate) many Austrian and Germany XC pilots score some huge points early in the season before the Swiss even get a chance to get going.

Gerald Ameseder, local 'crack' and long time Austrian National Team member lives locally and has flown many long XC missions around this area.

We've had huge success since 2002 running XC courses around some of the best XC areas in the Alps. We are extremely proud to be able to offer Greifenburg on our pallet of arenas.

Spring is the best time for XC, as the lapse rate is reliable plus the valley winds are light. Flying is fun but challenging, though it's on for XC from March to October. The autumn months can offer some softer but still very interesting XC experiences.

We are staying just 2mins from launch, so once there in the morning we'll brief together explaining the route, blow by blow. You'll learn the intricacies of Alpine flying including the points to be high for crossings, any cut off altitudes, plus areas we'll be avoiding and why..

Then we'll fly as a group around our pre-chosen Turn Points. As well as being a fun xc-orientated week, I'll also be keeping an eye on pilot techniques and explaining the DO's & DON'T's of Alpine flying in general, so you can take what you learn here to any mountain area.

These 'Pure XC' courses will help pilots identify where time needs to be invested along the route, the cruxes, and the places it's possible to push on. Learn how to 'change gears' & unlock the real potential from your wing, whatever level. Let us show you also how to get the most out of your instrument, so that it can truly help you be as efficient as possible. All this and more is explained on our XC weeks.

Pilot's can expect to smash their Alpine personal best here.

Greifenburg has a stunning BIG Alpine feel with a large, open valley below. Large strong thermals enable us to fly routes in all directions.

On an average day expect routes of between 30-50km around the valley, towards Lienz. On good days bring some stamina as it's possible to fly 100km plus with the right base height out towards Matrei and Return.

And on light or zero wind days we'll see the possibility of the 100km++ FAI triangle using the Mölltal behind. See the right-hand bar for some routes we'll be attempting.

All routes will have a Aircon'd dedicated retrieve, just drop a pin using 'Telegram' and get picked up, simple.

As elsewhere in the Alps conditions can start at around 10am, however, only when it's clear we can climb out with ease shall we launch to set out on our daily mission.

It can help if pilots have & can use a GPS as it's useful for ground speed and distance to the set way point. However, it's not essential as everything is on detailed A3 maps provided.

It's very interesting to use AYVRI to look at the flight afterward at the debriefing, so it's worth bringing your cable if you choose to use one. See the right-hand bar for a 60km gaggle flight in 2016.

logistics & prices

Pilots wishing to attend will need at least 75hrs plus a large amount of thermalling experience. We suggest that all pilots feel happy with their ability to launch, thermal and pick a safe landing option.

Another part of the course is to look at our flights using SeeYou software, so don't forget your cable for your GPS (if you use one).

Numbers are kept to a maximum of 7 pilots only.

We will be based in Greifenburg. We will be staying at the Fichtenheim, next to launch, so we'll be at the heart of the action in the morning, with no need to rush.

Please refer to the page 'getting here' for logistics about which flights to use and method of airport transfer.

For more info please contact us

Greifenburg XC Course: £650

This price includes 6 days air-to-air guidance around our huge Arena, including access to private sites.

Retrieves along route will be taken care of by of radio-controlled minibus, just drop a pin using 'Telegram' and our driver will bring you back to the meeting point at the main LZ, which will be goal on most days.

price & course overview

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Intro to XC £500
Pure XC £550

Drautal Courses, S. Austria

Greifenburg XC £650

All Prices above are excluding Accommodation.
See here for details.

AYVRI route

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