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Awe-inspiring Place, Best Time - This tour is run at the most reliable and manageable time in the Dolomites. Autumn.

Incredible Scenery - Fly XC thru the heart of the most impressive & distinctive mountain range in Europe, if not the World and it's a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) heritage site.

Fly Over the Marmolada - One aim is to work our way up to the 3500m peak of the Marmolada. After navigating the other peaks, the Marmolada is the GOAL on most days.

Follow the Flow - Routes through the Val di Fassa will follow concepts & theories, these are laid out however in our XC courses in Greifenburg.

Sight-Seeing XC Tours - Simple to understand briefings with fun team flying allow time to take in the views. See the right-hand column for maps and a previous route.

LESS Stress - Large flat landing fields are found along the routes. Landing out is never a worry, like all our areas we operate in. Buoyant valley flows enable soaring until past sunset.

REAL LOCAL KNOWLEDGE - We've flown here since 2007 with each year enriching our understand more about this complex and interesting area.

dolomites xc tour - over 10 years experience in the area

For a few months a year, mainly September & October, the Val di Fassa comes into play. The thermals and valley winds have calmed down enough to let pilots experience the amazing flying here.

This is one of the World's most awe-inspiring free-flying areas, period. So much so that it's a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We currently run a Dolomite XC Tour every autumn. The latter end of the European flying season, September, is one of the best times to visit. Also the lifts are still open allowing easy access to launch.

At this time of year the conditions can be ideal for attempting long XC tours through this unique range of mountains. Expect flights of around 3-4+hrs with us taking in all the major rock formations in the Val di Fassa.

Flying from launch at Col Rodella to Latemar at the southern end of the Val di Fassa, we pass Sasso Lungo & Rosengarten formations on the way. From there our goal on most days will be to summit the Marmolada, if possible, the Queen of the Dolomites. We had huge success each year since 2007, when we first started our tours here.

After the weather briefing at our hotel in Campitello we'll go up to launch. The Cable car takes us up to 2400m in around 10 minutes. Once there we'll discuss the XC route to be taken over the many formations around the valley.

We can expect to attempt, on a good day, routes of anything from 30 to 70km, depending on wind direction & cloud base height. Exploring the vast area of the Val di Fassa, we'll aim to fly as a group around the pre-determined way-points.

On a good day cloud base is often around 1000m above launch, between 3000-4000m. The main valley wind can be moderate at times with a soarable Southerly biased flow throughout lower parts of the valley. There are many into wind slopes lower down to soar and soak up the panorama after flying around some of the most impressive landscapes in Europe.

Expect thermal strength at this time of year to be moderate (3-5+m/s) but mainly manageable. This can vary with the weather conditions & wind direction of the day. Soaring the lower valley breeze from one of the lower launch sites is also possible on good days. This is a great way to end a sometimes full-on day. As gone are the strong climbs, replaced by restitution. Smooth soft wide thermals allow pilots a chance to slow down, relax and enjoy being close in to the Sasso Lungo walls.

These weeks are only for pilots with solid alpine XC experience and who want some exceptional flying to finish off the season.

Please note: Our Dolomites XC Tours are NOT XC courses. It is NOT an appropriate place to learn the fundamentals of Alpine flying, so very minimum theory will be explained.

The area and aerology here is complex and we expect pilots to understand the concepts of Alpine flying to a good level before enrolling. These concepts can be found on our XC courses in Bassano & Greifenburg. We now ask that pilots wishing to fly here with us should be known to us via our XC courses or have a strong CV of Alpine flying. Thanks.

Pilots wishing to attend will need at least 250hrs plus extensive alpine XC experience. Strong wing control and thermaling skills are a must. We insist that all pilots are up to scratch with their ability to launch, climb, together with a strong understanding of classic alpine scenarios, as well as be able to pick a safe landing option, unaided.

logistics & prices

For this week we'll be staying in Campitello at the foot of the Sasso Lungo. It is a very busy ski resort in winter with many shops and restaurants, very similar to any ski resort in this respect.

The accommodation is very close to the landing field & the main gondola at Col Rodello. There are many inexpensive restaurants to eat out, although there is a possibility of eating at the hotel whenever we feel like it; just let them know at breakfast after seeing the menu.

Flying into Innsbruck is very convenient and simple. However in the past some pilots have flown to Milan or Bolzano and made their own way there. Mail us about the other possibilities.

For more info please contact us

Dolomites XC Tour: £649

This price includes courtesy transfer from Innsbruck airport, arrival around midday.

Plus 6 days guidance around the extensive Val di Fassa area.

price & course overview

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Intro to XC £500
Pure XC £550

Drautal Courses, S. Austria

Greifenburg XC £650

All Prices above are excluding Accommodation.
See here for details.

Maps & routes

Dolomites turnpoint Map

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Spiral around the Dolomites (Author: S.Newcombe)

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