'pure' xc - Bassano del Grappa & PRE-Alps - intermediate ++

'pure' xc courses - Monte grappa & surrounding areas - in brief

NEW FOR 2021- All courses in Bassano will offer the chance to use the sites of Feltre, Revine and Piave d'Alpago. Weather permitting, of course.

Incredibly Reliable - Protected by a complex micro-climate ensures that it's one of the most reliable sites in Europe.

Right Time of Year - Excellent potential for good, wide thermals with incredibly low-saves possible out in the flats. Perfect for long & interesting XC flights.

Understand the Theory - Learn why we're flying the route we are. Definitely NOT just "follow the leader" XC Tours.

Defined XC Routes - Over a mix of Alpine and flatland terrain. Flights here can be between 20 - 120km+. Look in the right-hand bar for some of our possible routes.

Learn About Aerology - Understand how thermals form & trigger in both the mountains AND the flatlands depending on the stability of the airmass.

ZERO Stress - Large flat Landing areas everywhere. Landing out is never a worry. With 'Radio Controlled' retrieve along chosen routes.

Value for Money - The price includes transfer & ALL transport. No lift fees.

bassano del grappa & pre-alps 'pure' xc - more details

We've been flying XC in Bassano del Grappa since 1998 and have run trips here extremely successfully since 2006 throughout the whole season.

Attracted first by it's ultra reliability, we decided to call it home in 2013. The decision was easy to regularly enjoy a challenging, yet rewarding mix of both Alpine & flat-land routes.

The area has huge potential for both thermal training as well as long-haul XC flights in most, if not all, directions. Flights to Gemona and beyond have become a real possibility with the opening up of the airspace to the East.

The Monte Grappa area is thermic all year round. However we prefer to to be based here when the days are long & the weather/atmosphere more Mediterranean in it's feel.

Some of the strongest climbs can be in Spring, that is when we primarily run our 'Pure XC' weeks. We can, however, fly XC distances here from March to late October. These 'Pure XC' courses concentrate on blasting long XCs around the area. Depending on the conditions of course we'll attempt to fly as a gaggle around pre-determined turn points.

These 'Pure XC' courses will help pilots identify where time needs to be invested along the route, the cruxes, and the places it's possible to push on. Learn how to 'change gears' & unlock the real potential from your wing, whatever level. Let us show you also how to get the most out of your instrument, so that it can truly help you be as efficient as possible. All this and more is explained on our XC weeks.

Check out our Facebook page (updated daily throughout the season) for an idea of the routes we tackle daily. Routes are chosen for their ability to squeak out the day's maximum potential, whether that be a 25km ridge-run in less-than-ideal conditions or a 60km FAI triangle using both the ridge and flat lands. More is possible with higher cloud bases to enable the main gap crossing to the East.

We now even have a new launch out to the East for a stronger Easterly wind. From there it will be possible to complete 100km downwinders, first along alpine ridges then out into the flat, open plains of Northern Italy.

These XC courses are very similar to the ones we run in other areas, not just follow-the-leader tours, but team flying, explaining the why's and where's of both Alpine and Flatland flying. In the day's briefing we'll discuss how I believe the day will develop, whilst building a clear picture in the pilot's mind, how the terrain will locally affect thermal & cloud development.

There is a huge chance to improve your flat-land skills as well. Flying in Bassano del Grappa appears similar to UK flying, so flat-land pilots will feel at home here. Except it's a little bigger, has much less wind & is flyable well over 300 days a year!

It's unique micro-climate allows us to fly defined routes in all directions, even in the flats.

With air-to-air guidance I'll lead pilots around pre-chosen turn points (see map on right).

Always within safe gliding distance of a large, flat field. Both the "PURE XC" & the easier "INTRO TO XC" weeks will be structured & coached along with route orientated courses.

Definitely NOT driving for endless hours or just being dropped off on launch with a weather briefing left to fend for yourselves.

These 'Pure XC' courses are aimed at pilots wishing to fly in beautiful surroundings, whilst improving their XC skills in a safe and forgiving environment. As stated above all Bassano and Pre-Alps weeks will offer the chance to fly in Feltre, Revine and Piave d'Alpago too.

During the season we also offer 'INTRO TO XC' courses. Where pilots are given shorter achievable goals along which the concepts can be practiced. With radio input from myself the simple commands help reinforce their confidence and decisions.

The corner-stone of all XC flights. Learn to walk before attempting to run.

logistics & prices

Pilots wishing to attend will need at least 50hrs plus a fair amount of thermalling experience. And, of course, all pilots will be expected to be able to launch and land out unaided.

For all the courses here we'll be staying in Semonzo at the foot of the main mountain, it is a very small village on the outskirts of Bassano del Grappa. Most of the time we stay at the Garden Relais, it is a little more expensive than some paragliding accommodation but it is well worth it (especially at our discounted rate) and pilots ask time after time to stay there.

However if this is a little over your budget, a cheaper option may be a shared or single accommodation at the Canal guest house. See the booking page for the extras available.

Getting to launch everyday is easy with our minibus, no queueing up for the over-crowded navette. Plus getting home after a long XC flight is also no problem as we'll have a local driver. Just text in your co-ordinate and he'll come and pick you up.

An interesting part of the course is a detailed look at our flights using AYVRI, so don't forget you cables for your GPS (if you use one).

Flying into Treviso or Venice is very convenient, simple and inexpensive.

Bassano XC Course: £550

This price includes courtesy transfer from Treviso or Venice Airports.

6 days air-to-air guidance & coaching around the Bassano del Grappa area.

Plus all transport to launch and retrieval along chosen route.

Numbers are strictly kept to a maximum of 7 pilots only.

price & course overview

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Intro to XC £500
Pure XC £550

Drautal Courses, S. Austria

Greifenburg XC £650

All Prices above are excluding Accommodation.
See here for details.


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Map & possible route

Bassano del Grappa turnpoint Map

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