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Writing has always been a passion of mine & finally in 2016 it all came together with the publication of my first book called 'Mastering Paragliding.'

It looks at the sport from a different angle, breaking the sport down into achievable sections, explaining concepts and theories that once understood will fast track the otherwise painfully slow learning curve.

I am extremely happy with the results as it has received glowing reviews from my peers Worldwide. There is a preview in the right-hand bar of this page.

Anyway a great way to while away an afternoon could be to browse our previous magazine articles. It's a simple way to get acquainted with the areas we offer.

Over the many years I've spent flying around Europe I've been a long-time contributor to both Cross-Country (Austrian Newshound since 2002) & BHPA magazine, Skywings.

For those of you who either missed these early editions or wish to recap we've included most of the Skywings articles I've written since 2002, when I started Austrian Arena. They are all clickable links in the right hand column. We have also added some articles from pilots who have flown with us.

The pieces I am most proud of appeared in XC Magazine. They include one that went on to be featured in the 'Classic Routes' Book & show cased the Zillertal valley, my home for nearly two decades, in all its glory.

More recently I penned an article about the technicalities of Alpine flying, this 8 page article features some awesome photos from one of the Worlds best, Greg Blondeau. Also I was asked to contribute on the panel of 'experts' to explain the do's and don'ts of cloud flying.

A Perfect Day was the first piece I wrote and is about a 140km Out and Return flight I made back in 2000.

There was an article by Steve Newcombe who was very complimentary about his time with us in the Dolomites, entitled 'A Spiral Around the Dolomites.'

John Porter, a regular visitor over the years, wrote an article about how the training he received with us in Bassano enabled him to fly further and longer.

Back in 2010 I wrote about a long-haul flight I made in 2009, 186km, just one thermal short of closing a 206km triangle. Damn! The '200 club' still eludes me but maybe this season!

Also my face graced the Attitude page of Skywings, explaining the virtues of flying lower performing, safer gliders. This was quite well received by hobby pilots even if my friends just ordering the new comp weapon scoffed; soon after these wings got banned.

Finally I penned an article about how to thermal properly. It lost a little in translation but the main points are still very valid. More will come as I continue to write. Let me know on the contact page if you have any questions about any of the articles and I'll do my best to answer them.

Hope you enjoy the book!


Click here to preview a small section of the book

Mastering Paragliding
presented by XC Magazine
(Author: Kelly Farina)

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