Summer long Thermal courses in Ultra reliable Bassano del Grappa
See both XC & Thermal Courses in Bassano del Grappa, mix of mountains and flatland flying
XC Courses in the foothills of the Dolomites
XC Courses and Tours in Greifenburg, Drautal

Feltrina area - the gateway to the dolomites

feltre area - feltrina valley

Feltre lies at the edge of the Dolomites. The peaks touch 2400m with the large grassy launch at 1400m.
The launch sites find themselves on the foothills of the Southern Alps, just behind of the area of Bassano & very close to the Dolomites.

The flying is a combination of mainly ridge and some flatland XC. The wind is usually light enough to complete circuit routes, whether first off to Belluno or Levico Terme, we are never far from easy landing options.
Out front is the flat floor of the Feltrina valley, this works well too but most of the flying will be on the ridge. For more flatland flying its better to join us in neighbouring Bassano area.

We'll be based in Bassano for these weeks and due to the sensitivity quotient of flying in bigger terrain. Launch is around an hours drive in from our hotel in Bassano. From a logistically point of view this makes more sense, as good days in Feltre last long.

Due to its location & its unique microclimate is possibly one of the most flyable areas in Europe, hence our back up. Though the Feltrina mountains though stunning to the eye are not too exposed & definitely far enough south to be less sensitive than sites deeper in the Alps.

Our courses will be held throughout spring and summer, when the XC potential is at its most. Thermals can be moderate to strong, depending on the conditions, obviously. However, if we find it uncomfortable on the ridge, it is normally very nice in the flats making it possible for some interesting routes out there. Very similar to Bassano in this respect.

Although quite close to the sea, this is not a major problem as base and good days we'd expect base to be around 1800+m. On exceptional days base can reach over 3000m. These kind of days we can expect to fly 100+Km with relative easy. Potential here is huge.

Pilots on our 'Pure XC' course here will have full retrieve back up with our driver Luigi, a great pilot with superb local knowledge. In effect, our courses feature two very experienced local guides.

There are several official landing areas in and around Feltre. Landing in Pedavena at the end of the flight allows to sample the local beer and great food the brewery next to the LZ has to offer.

If the weather isn't suitable for XC in the bigger mountains we'll stay local in at our base in Bassano, with its indoor and outdoor swimming pools, in addition to an extensive spa with wellness centre, great for non-flying partners.

This area is already very famous amongst pilots all over Europe. The sites have successfully held the World Championship in 2017, not to mention Monte Avena has hosted countless PWC & Italian competitions over the years.

A great place to perfect Alpine skills in a wide forgiving valley, without strong valley winds complicating things. On the scale of courses we offer it fits in between the Bassano 'Pure XC' and Greifenburg 'Alpine XC'. Great for pilots first steps into the Alps after completing some longer routes with us in Bassano.

It's easily reached by flying into Treviso or Venice.

price & course overview

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Thermal & XC lite £425
Bassano XC £425

Feltre, Val Belluno, Italy

Feltre XC £475

Drautal Courses, S. Austria

Greifenburg XC £499

All Prices above are excluding Accommodation.
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Map & possible route

Bassano del Grappa turnpoint Map