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XC Courses in the foothills of the Dolomites
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val di fassa area - the main dolomites

campitello village & the surrounding area

We have been flying in the Dolomites every Autumn since 2001. In the midst of (or) with a good forecast we spent a few days here, as it was just a 2.5hr drive away from my long time home of Mayrhofen, Zillertal (1995-2013.)

We have now been running successful tours here every Autumn since 2007. As our expertise grows the courses just keep getting better. We are happy to be able to proudly offer knowledgeable or competent pilots an experience that they will never forget.

The Dolomites has got to be one of THE most impressive places to fly on Planet Earth. When the continental plates collided 100's of millions of year ago this area was brought up from beneath the sea. The well known rock formations are mainly limestone, as this area is also famous for climbing due to its host of abundant via-ferratas.

The whole place looks like a martian landscape. Nothing exists around the Alps like it, it's that special.

The Dolomites boasts very different rock formations to all other flying areas, being mainly granite to the north, in the main Alps. Looking very similar to 'The Grand Canyon,' the cliffs and massifs have a dusty red-grey layered tinge to them which changes depending on the time of day.

Over the spring/summer months conditions can be only for the brave. The valley winds earlier in the season are often uncomfortably strong and the thermals likewise. Autumn offers the most relaxed time to fly cross-country routes through this unique, yet wonderful place.

There are many rock formations around the Val di Fassa. Over the years it's been my pleasure to explore further a far around this fascinating area.

We will be staying in Campitello, it's a short two minute drive to the cable car station of Col Rodella. Launches face North, South-East & South-West. Launches are what can only be described as 'wild' launches as the locals have done nothing to shape them or maintain them. For better or worse the flying here is still largely unregulated. The main landing field is next to the cable car and very convenient to get back up should pilots find themselves wanting more.

Check out some videos on our Austrian Arena TV channel plus our gallery to get more of an understanding about this unique place.


IMPORTANT: Our Dolomites XC Tours are NOT XC courses. It is NOT an appropriate place to learn the basics of Alpine flying, so very minimum theory is explained. The area and aerology here is complex and we expect pilots to understand the concepts of Alpine flying to a good level before enrolling.

These concepts are found on our 'PURE XC' courses in Bassano & Greifenburg.

Also if you are planning a trip to this unique area please ensure that your guide/tour leader has the appropriate experience.

in and around campitello - food & drink

Breakfast is served from 7:30 - 10am, it's the usual continental style buffet with cereals, cheese & meats, toast/bread/cakes with juice, endless tea & coffee.

For evening meals the hotel has a al-a-carte menu as well as their 3 course special. We often use the pizzeria nearby at night for a change of the hotel restaurant. I actually prefer it as the choice is wider.

There is a restaurant & toilet on launch.

price & course overview

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Thermal & XC lite £425
Bassano XC £425

Feltre, Val Belluno, Italy

Feltre XC £475

Drautal Courses, S. Austria

Greifenburg XC £499

All Prices above are excluding Accommodation.
See here for details.

Maps & routes

Dolomites turnpoint Map